Stone Setters offers a wide range of services to help you maintain these "stones of history".
Stone Setters  5113 Vickery Chapel Rd.  Greensboro, N.C.  27407   e-mail:

       Repairing: We repair broken stones when the parts are available and the stone's structural integrity is still intact.

       Resetting: Stones that are leaning or have fallen over, can usually, depending on the condition of the stone, be
                      returned to an upright position. Stones may also become loose from their base due to pin or mortar

       Cleaning: We use a non-toxic, anti microbial cleaner designed to kill fungus and prevent future growth. Soft bristle
                      brushes are used to prevent damage to the stone.

       Assessment: Assessment sheets are prepared for each stone before work begins and all work is carefully                                    documented in case future work is necessary.

       Digital Photographic Service: Digital before and after photos will be taken of each stone repaired. Photos of
                      each stone in the cemetery will create a visual record for your archives.         
Cataloging: We can catalog and photograph your cemetery and add it to the on-line Find-A-Grave                      website as an everlasting tribute to those buried there and to aid in genealogical research.